UIUX DesignHospitality through user experience

Reconstructing user experience
with design systems and guidelines

UI/UX/Web Design, Product Design,
Front-end Development, DX/CX/IT Consulting


Do you have
these issues?

Lack of resources within the company or team
Lack of time, budget, and personnel for UI/UX design
Inability to ensure brand consistency
UX/UI design does not align with the company's brand strategy or identity
Projects are stalled due to lack of internal coordination
Insufficient communication and cooperation between different departments
Inability to keep up with UI/UX trends
Unable to adapt to the latest trends as UX/UI trends change frequently
Delays in updating UI/UX design
Unable to quickly update UI design to meet the latest user expectations
Finding it troublesome to set up necessary infrastructure
Unable to keep up with infrastructure setup such as email addresses, domains, and websites

We solve
these issues with design!

We are a specialized UI/UX design company offering the reconstruction of user experiences.
We support the achievement of our clients' business goals through design.


Custom-made websites and landing pages that attract customers

We push your business to the forefront of the digital landscape. With custom designs and intuitive navigation, we create landing pages that captivate visitors and convert them into customers. SEO optimization enhances visibility in search engines, strongly supporting your marketing strategy.


Improving usability and appearance of services and products through UI/UX design

We adopt a user-centric approach. We maximize the unique value your products or services offer, providing end-users with a comfortable and satisfying experience. Our design process, based on analysis, ensures user-friendly interfaces, enhancing customer loyalty.


Building consistent production systems and improving operational efficiency with design systems

To improve the consistency and efficiency of your organization's design, we offer comprehensive design systems. By implementing this system, you can simultaneously enhance the speed and quality of product development while maintaining your brand identity. Reusable components and clear guidelines standardize the design process, reducing costs.


Contributing to the development of websites and services with front-end development

We build high-quality web presence using the latest technologies. With responsive design as a foundation, we offer interactive sites that function perfectly on all devices. Fast page loading and seamless user experience strengthen your digital footprint.


Supporting the startup of web services and products with system development

We offer custom software solutions tailored to specific needs. Our system development services are optimized to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Starting with comprehensive requirements analysis, we provide consistent support through system design, development, testing, and operation.

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Supporting and managing the cumbersome infrastructure setup during and after startup

We comprehensively support the setup required for business operations, such as acquiring company domains, email settings, site construction, server management, and other work tools, during and after startup.


On Log, we periodically update articles related to announcements andUI/UX design.


Let's solve the problems you are facing nowwith UI/UX design!



Our mission is not just to create beautiful designs but to generate usability and functionality.We think alongside you on how to achieve this.

Designs that resonate with users
We actively incorporate new design trends and technologies to provide innovative user experiences.
Achieving project success
Ensuring that UX/UI design aligns with the company's brand strategy and identity.
Application of design trends
We actively incorporate new design trends and technologies to provide innovative user experiences.
Optimizing usability
We minimize user operational load through intuitive and easy-to-use designs.
Improving accessibility
We incorporate accessibility standards in our designs to ensure all users can access them easily.
Implementing data-driven design
When necessary, we analyze user data to provide statistical grounds for design decisions.


Contributing to the goals and dreams of companies and individual entrepreneurs through the power of UI/UX design, aiming to create a richer and more exciting web experience.



Frequently Asked Questions

UI (User Interface) design refers to the visual layout and design elements when a user interacts with a website or application. UX (User Experience) design is the design process to optimize the overall experience when a user uses a product or service. UI/UX design aims for user-centered design that combines usability, accessibility, and beauty.
UI (User Interface) refers to the visual part (buttons, icons, layout, etc.) for a user to interact with a product or service. UX (User Experience) refers to the overall experience when a user uses that product or service. UI is a part of UX, and both are closely related.
Good UI/UX design allows users to use products or services smoothly, increases user satisfaction, and improves retention rates. Also, intuitive and easy-to-use design increases user engagement and directly connects to the success of the business.
The progress of the project is reported through regular meetings and progress reports. We set up meetings every week or every other week to share the current status, achieved milestones, and next steps. Also, we use a dedicated project management tool (e.g., Notion) to allow you to check the progress in real time.
Before the project starts, it would be smooth to prepare the purpose and goals of the project, personas of target users, existing brand guidelines and design assets, analysis of competitors and examples of design references, scope and timeline of the project. Based on this information, we will create a specific design proposal and project plan.